DELF B1 Practice Exam

I took a practice exam to see what my chances are at passing the DELF B1. It turns out that the passing score for this exam is (to my standards) pretty low. The exam consists of four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Each section is out of 25 possible points, and you must get at least 5 points in each category, with a total score of at least 50%. There are two sample exams posted on the official DELF website, so I took a swag at both of them. Unfortunately I couldn’t do a sample speaking exam, but the three portions I can do at home, I had them graded by an AF secretary. Here are my results.

  • Oral comprehension-  19/25 and 18/25
  • Written comprehension-  22/25 and 24/25
  • Written production-  22/25 and 22/25

Not bad, eh? It looks like I need to focus on some more listening exercises, and for the most part, I need more vocabulary exposure.

My exam date is December 13, so I have about 15 more days to prepare…


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